Learn All About Tattoo Designs

With Only Moments Book


Welcome to Only Moments Book where we bring you all the best tattoo design ideas from around the world. Here we will help you to learn everything about the world of getting inked. Weather it’s your first time under the needle, or your 100th tatt, you will find some interesting and helpful information.  I just hope you can handle all of it! Tattoo wikipedia

What  Do We Have To Offer

We are in the process of creating this web site, but if you are looking for great tattoo ideas, we are in the process of setting up a section on that right this very second. Do you think this shit designs its self? Heck no! There are however many different types of tattoos, in many different styles that you can choose from, which we cover in great detail on my site. We will be going over:

  • Tattoos for first timers
  • Arm ink
  • Back designs
  • Tribal images
  • Designs that have meaning
  • Tattooing equipment

When will this site be finished

Well we should be completed by the end of the year, but who know? It really depends when I find the time to work on it and how much I am willing to add. This site will be evolving all the time so check back frequently for updates. until then check out this vid on the history of the art.

Check out this site for some free tattoo designs.